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Centurion Labz Pro Hormones MASS PRO 60 CAPSULES


Mass Pro is a hardcore muscle supplement that looks nothing like the old prohormones of previous eras. Mass Pro is unmethylated, which means less liver stress, and will not cause side effects like water retention. This means a 'leaner gain' if taking on a bulk, plus sustained strength even after you come off.

Being a PH, Mass Pro should not be used by women and men should follow with PCT supplements. Post-cycle supplements can allow for a faster recovery and keep you feeling and performing your best once the supplement has left your system.

Mass Pro Ingredients

DHEA – An anabolic compound that converts to testosterone. This will aid in tissue repair, lean muscle gain and increase libido. Epiandrosterone – Another anabolic compound that converts to DHT. It is 5 times more androgenic than testosterone. The coupling of the two will aid in increased strength, increased sex drive & muscle density. Epicatechin – Derived from cocoa, this increases nitric oxide in the body allowing better blood flow to skeletal muscle. This will help with muscular strength, muscular endurance & muscle fullness.

Mass Pro Stacking

There is no need to stack Mass Pro with anything but your general health supplements.
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Centurion Labz TUDCA Liver Support 60 capsules

TUDCA is water soluble bile salt. It has a detergent like effect with the bile acids in the liver. While bile acids back up in the liver, it can be damaging to cells by destroying the membranes and cause liver cells to die. TUDCA competes with this toxicity and indirectly protects cells from death.  It also has shown promise for other benefits such as aiding in insulin resistance and neurological protection.  
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