Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if The Product turns out to be FAKE?

If the Brand / Importer of the supplement, declared in writing that the product you purchased from GainsX is FAKE. As compensation, we will pay you 10X the order value. (Make Sure You Have The Unboxing Video)


How can I return an item?

It’s Easy, Follow the instruction mentioned at Return and Refund 


Where can I find the expire date?

Each and every product listed on the website is brand new and has a long expiration (more than 12 months).


How long does delivery typically take?

We Ship within 24-48 hours of receiving an order, and delivery takes 3 to 4 days throughout India. 


How to check the product's authenticity?

No one is more trustworthy than the one who produced the products, so therefore check with the brand itself.