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ANS Performance Micronized L Glutamine Unflavoured 300gm


Muscle Recovery and Immune System Promoter

Step up your game & enjoy the benefits of muscle building and recovery!
  • Effectively prevent muscle breakdown by supplying glutamine for your cells.
  • Fully replenish the glutamine levels you spend for intense endurance!
  • Supports intestinal health & optimizes immune system as well!

Benfatto Nutrition L Glutamine 300g

Glutamine is a powerfully beneficial amino acid, being the most abundant amino acid in muscle cells. With extremely hard training, intra-muscular Glutamine levels can drop and when muscle Glutamine levels fall, muscle cell volume decreases resulting in muscle catabolism (muscle loss). As Glutamine plays a role in immune responses, this fall in Glutamine levels partly explains the increased susceptibility of hard training athletes to infections. Supplementing with Glutamine during intense training cycles helps prevent a drop in Glutamine levels, thereby helping maintain proper cell volume and hydration levels as well as providing a potent anti-catabolic (muscle preserving) effect. Research and real-world evidence strongly suggest that L-glutamine supplementation in hard training athletes plays an important role in assisting with recovery, enhancing muscle cell volume, and preventing muscle catabolism by maintaining optimal muscle metabolism.


Dymatize® L-Glutamine, the free amino acid, is the single most abundant amino acid in skeletal muscle. L-Glutamine supports muscle protein synthesis in response to a strenuous workout as well as recovery processes.

Dynamik Muscle L-Glutamine Micronized 60 Serving

  • 60 Servings
  • Anti – Catabolic
  • Supports new muscle growth
  • Aids in fat loss
  • Enhances protein metabolism
  • Shows cell volumizing properties
  • May enhance natural hormone production

MusclePharm Glutamine 60 Servings

MusclePharm®'s Glutamine increases whole body glutamine status by enhancing uptake, bioavailability and digestion. This ultimately provides optimal muscle-tissue saturation through a substantial 5 gram serving of L-Glutamine that delivers a wide range of benefits. MusclePharm®'s Glutamine helps you rehydrate, rebuild and recover faster and more efficiently from even the toughest of workouts.

Mutant Glutamine 300 G

  • Advanced glutamine formula
  • 100% pure, zero fillers
  • Vegan fermented
  • 5 grams of free form L-glutamine
  • Micronized for higher solubility
  • Lab tested ingredients
  • 60 servings
  • Unflavored formula for stacking

One Science Nutrition Complex Pro Glutamine

One Science Nutrition®’s Complex Pro Glutamine has uniquely formulated to increases the overall glutamine intake by enhancing bioavailability and protein synthesis that helps you rehydrate, rebuild and recover faster from the toughest of workouts. ✓Supports protein synthesis & glycogen replenishment ✓5 gms of L-Glutamine per serving ✓Promotes immunity function ✓Fuels for cells that line the gut

Scitron Glutamine Powder Unflavoured 250g

(5g Glutamine, 0 Fillers, 50 Servings, Muscle Recovery, Boost Immune system) – 250 g (Unflavoured)
  • Faster Recovery
  • 5 grams Glutamine
  • No Added Flavour / Sweetener

Weider Glutamine Powder 250 Grams

Pure glutamine powder of the highest quality. Very easy to mix – just add Weider´s L-Glutamine to your favorite drink or protein shake. L-Glutamine is a very important amino acid, especially during periods of intense physical exercise. L-Glutamine ensures optimal cellular hydration and supports the immune system during a strenous training phase. Many athletes report improved regeneration from exercise, when supplementing L-Glutamine. • 5.000 mg free form L-Glutamine per serving • supports your athletic goals • improves regeneration from strenous exercise