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FA Core Pump Energizer Pre Workout

  • FA CORE PUMP ENERGIZER is a pre-workout supplement in the form of an easily dissolvable powder, which allows you to prepare a refreshing drink in as many as 8 incredibly delicious flavours. The formula is a complete composition of 6 active ingredients in optimal proportions. The product has been developed with both recreational and experienced athletes in mind, especially those practicing power and strength disciplines.What are the benefits of FA CORE PUMP ENERGIZER?
    • Beta-alanine increases carnosine levels in muscles, which can optimise the pH value, improve exercise capacity, trigger ergogenic effects and reduce feelings of fatigue[1,2,3].
    • AAKG may have effects on hemodynamic parameters (blood pressure), work on muscular physique, athletic performance and training results, among others[4,5,6,7].
    • L-Citrulline contributes to nitric oxide synthesis, which can lead to a pumping muscle effect, increased endurance, and decreased levels of felt fatigue[7,8].
    • Caffeine has applications in supporting cognitive function, affects certain exercise capacity and training parameters, and contributes to reducing psychophysical fatigue[9,10,11].
    • Taurine is an amino acid that has been attributed with properties that support antioxidant potential and reduction of oxidative stress[12].
    • Niacin supports normal functioning of the nervous system, contributes to maintaining optimal energy metabolism and cognitive function, and reduces feelings of tiredness[13].
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  • contributes to normal cysteine synthesis
  • contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system
  • contributes to normal protein and glycogen metabolism
  • contributes to normal psychological function
  • contributes to the normal function of the immune system
  • contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity
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FA Engineered Nutrition Platinum Micellar Casein 1.5 KG

  • 50 Servings
  • Long-lasting anabolic effect
  • High BCAA and Glutamine content
  • Particularly suitable for the night as it is absorbed slowly
  • Causes Kraft growth and increase lean muscle
  • 23g Protein
  Platinum Micellar Casein delivers the highest quality casein derived from milk. Casein is a special kind of protein with prolonged absorption time. Slow digestion of casein results in the balanced release of amino acids into the bloodstream (up to several hours). Furthermore, the high content of BCAA and glutamine in each serving additionally support long-lasting anti-catabolic effects. Due to that PLATINUM MICELLAR CASEIN can inhibit muscle catabolism during long breaks between following meals or can be used as a "night" protein supporting anabolic hormone peak during sleep. Features of FA Engineered Nutrition Platinum Micellar Casein
  • Platinum Micellar Casein digestive enzymes complex which supports maximal digestion of delivered casein so almost 100% of amino acids can be absorbed and used by the body
  • Including Platinum Micellar Casein in the daily dietary plan, especially after afternoon or night training sessions, results in strong protein synthesis stimulation allowing for instant post-workout recovery and increase of muscle strength.
  • Promotes muscle mass growth
  • Long-lasting anabolic effect
  • Five delicious flavors
  • The high content of BCAA and glutamine per serving size
  • Supports activity of “night” anabolic hormones peak
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FA Nutrition CORE FLEX 120 Caps

Flex from FA Core® line it’s a complex formula of nutrients for health and fitness of your joints, tendons and ligaments. It contains concentrated and synergic compounds that are responsible for building and rebuilding of cartilage and “grease” your joints. Intensive physical effort can lead to overloading and therefore to injuries. Flex is in form of special gel capsules, which ensures easy swallowing and maximal bioavailability.    
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FA Nutrition Core NITRO Isolate Whey Protein 2 kg

  • 100% Whey protein isolate
  • 25 g of protein per serving 
  • High content of BCAA and Glutamine
  • Low carbohydrates content
Recommended use: Mix ~1 scoop of powder (30 g) with 200-250 ml of water, milk or juice. Drink 1 portion immediately after waking up and second immediately after workout. Core Nitro | 100% Whey Protein Isolate is a high quality, whey isolate obtained during multi-stage microfiltration. So as to obtain the best protein filtration, which retains its biological properties while reducing sugars and fats. Its constituent properties contribute to the construction and maintenance of muscle mass, as well as the maintenance of strong bones. → 83% protein per dose; → 25 grams of protein per dose; → Amazing texture; → Dissolves easily; → Unparalleled taste; → Low in carbohydrates and fats; → Stimulates the increase in muscle mass; → Promotes recovery; FA Nutrition has always aimed to create the most effective products for athletes. The company uses high quality raw materials providing synergistic effect, which brings incredible results for everyone – regardless of training experience and discipline. FA Nutrition combines proven ingredients with innovative science, allowing us to reach the best formulas on the market for athletes. If you want an effective protein drink with a unique taste and high nutritional value, try Core Nitro | 100% Whey Protein Isolate Whey Protein Isolate is considered the highest grade protein and is better quality than whey concentrate. It has a smaller amount of fats and carbohydrates and is absorbed most quickly by the body. This helps recovery after training, gaining muscle mass, strength and endurance.
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FA Nutrition Core PRO Whey Protein 2 kg

  • Contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass
  • Complete Amino Acid Profile
  • 22g Protein
  • 7g BCAA
  • 5.5g GLUTAMINE
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FA Nutrition CREA CORE 340 gm

Creatine stack based on advanced forms of creatine, including popular creatine HCl, fortified with CarnoSyn®, patented form of Beta-Alanine, that lowers the accumulation of lactic acid in muscles during long training sessions. The addition of fenugreek results in rise of testosterone level, which helps in building of quality, lean muscle mass. Each form of creatine in Crea from Core® line was added in the precise amount, to take your workouts to another level. CarnoSyn® beta-alanine is the only beta-alanine licensed under NAI's global patent estate for use as a human dietary supplement. Dr. Roger Harris, who changed the sporting world with groundbreaking research and inventions involving creatine, discovered the benefits of using beta-alanine as a human dietary supplement to support an increase in muscle carnosine and athletic performance.* He continues to lead NAI's global efforts to further expand their research and patent estate in the area of beta-alanine. CarnoSyn® beta-alanine delivers a bio-friendly form of beta-alanine, a naturally occuring beta amino acid essential for the synthesis of muscle carnosine.* Muscle carnosine acts as a buffer, delaying the onset of muscle fatigue and failure. Dr. Harris found that supplementing the body’s beta-alanine stores increased muscle buffering capacity and resulted in greater physical working capacity, enhanced endurance and delayed fatigue.* Since then, the patented, scientifically proven uses of CarnoSyn® beta-alanine as a dietary supplement are reshaping the futures of athletes everywhere.
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FA Nutrition EAA + BCAA 62 Scoops

FA Nutrition 's EAA + BCAA is an amino acid formula that offers 5950 mg of essential amino acids and 3756 mg of BCAA in 1 dose. Essential amino acids (EAAs) are those that the body cannot produce or only in very small amounts, but which are essential for normal body function. The product has a refreshing and exciting taste and does not contain sugar and aspartame. Suitable for people who:
  • Actively play sports;
  • Follow a diet;
  • They want to increase their lean muscle mass;
  • Looking for the most important amino acids in a supplement;
  • They want to supplement their diet with additional amino acids.

Reception: Mix 1 serving (6.2 g) with 250 ml of water or 2 servings (12.4 g) with 500 ml of water, shake and consume before or during training.
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FA Nutrition PRE ENERGIZER Pre Workout 45 Serv

PRE ENERGIZER is a pre-workout supplement which can help you increase the intensity of your workouts, boost your energy and delay the effects of fatigue. PRE ENERGIZER contains:
  • 200 mg of caffeine in 1 serving,
  • energy boost (caffeine) and increased endurance (creatine, beta-alanine),
  • focus and concentration,
  • muscle pump (AAKG),
  • no sugar added,
  • variety of flavours,
  • ideal solubility.
The formula of the dietary supplement was developed by specialists and nutrition technologists with over 30 years of experience. The product is especially recommended for strength and endurance athletes (bodybuilders, powerlifters, cyclists, swimmers, runners). Recommended for beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes. Pre-training formula based on well-known active substances: beta alanine, creatine, arginine, L-tyrosine and caffeine. The package is sufficient for 45 portions.
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