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Genius Nutrition Premium MULTI VITAMIN-X5 120TABS

For those who always wanted to take vitamins but never had the time Food sources are grown in vitamin deprecated soil these days. Often, nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus are the only fertilizers added to produce nice green leafy plants. Required minimum of vitamins is what has been thought is necessary to prevent illness and to promote optimum health. Do your research. Or you already did?! IT'S NOT THE SIZE THAT MATTERS IT'S THE POWER IN IT   Vitamins are organic substances that are found only in living systems: plants and animals. With a few exceptions, our body cannot synthesize them on its own, so we must take vitamins through food or dietary supplements. Genius Nutrition® Vitamin-X5 - a complex of 19 every-day but incredible nutrients that your body needs to meet the daily needs of quality and active lifestyle. They're made from nutritious and raw whole foods, so you'll absorb a higher percentage of beneficial ingredients as compared to synthetic-made multi-vitamins. Genius Nutrition® Vitamin-X5 compensate for the lack of vitamins and minerals due to irregular nutrition, supply the body with the vital energy, and help fight stress. As our bodies put pressure regularly, we need some extra push to power up our day and get that winning feeling. Vitamin-X5 is a handy supplement in periods of physical and mental fatigue caused by demanding training, stressful physical activity, or a lot of work.
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Genius Nutrition WARCRY® ORIGINS Pre Workout 30 SERV

WARCRY ORIGINS is a spinning-top of Genius Nutrition's® Warcry, which features an entirely new approach from the original. Like regular Warcry, WARCRY ORIGINS does contain stimulants; however, its formula is geared towards delivering crazy energy, exceptional focus, and pre-workout to save your energy for the pumping part of the training. Genius Nutrition® will help you achieve maximum increase in cell volumebetter blood circulation, and greater muscle pump with this pre-workout supplement. An increase in energy and mental focus is just a bonus. WARCRY ORIGINS is a complex formula that includes ingredients that intensify NO (nitric oxide) production and is a cellular volumizer. It contains a new generation of Beta-alanine -  (Carnogen) that provides increased durability, as well as additional ingredients for better absorption. And this new generation pre-workout has an innovative ingredients list, including Carnogen, Creatine hydrochlorideVeinox, Schisandra fruit, Artic root with unavoidable Caffeine, and vitamins B3, B6, to name a few.
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Genius Nutrition® BCAA-X5® 360G / 30SERV

  • 100% fermented
  • 7g of BCAA per serving
  • 0 added sugar
  • CocoMineral®
  • added Citrulline and Vitamin B6
  • added Glutamine
BCAA-X5 is 100% fermented Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. BCAA-X5 have been proposed to benefit performance in several ways including as a stimulant for muscle protein synthesis through leucine. BCAAs may also prevent muscle protein breakdown and reduce markers of exercise induced muscle damage. BCCA’s have the potential to act as a fuel source for muscles during exercise, although the research surrounding this is inconclusive. Lastly, BCAA’s may interfere with the transport of tryptophan into the brain, reducing the synthesis of serotonin thereby reducing feelings of fatigue.
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Genius Nutrition® EAACORE 400G / 25 BIG SERV

EAACORE BY GENIUS NUTRITION® EAACORE is a supplement made up of nine essential amino acids. There are more than 20 amino acids currently in existence; some however, can be synthesized naturally by the body, whilst others cannot. The human body requires amino acids to perform all kinds of functions and internal processes, yet as mentioned, only some can be synthesized naturally. These are known as non-essential amino acids. Essential amino acids are amino acids which are required by the body, yet they cannot be produced naturally, so they have to be taken from food and dietary supplements. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein molecules, and therefore, they are essential for anyone looking to build and maintain lean muscle mass, as well as for anyone looking to simply enjoy optimal health and well-being.
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Genius Nutrition® LIPO-X5 60 CAPS Premium Fat Burner

LIPO X5 - GET LEAN AND RIPPED FAST Within every cell of your body, there is a fat-burning furnace waiting to be ignited. Not only is your body about to discover how to switch on one, but you're also to become much more in control of what you put in your body, eliminating low energy. UNDESIRABLE FAT CONVERTS TO JOY LIPO X5 is a fat burner that we're recommending to bodybuilders and recreational athletes who want to speed up the process of losing excess fat, of course, with an adequate diet and training program. Lipotropic ingredients in LIPO X5 play a vital role in the body's utilization (melting) of fat. They act synergistically raising energy levels, increasing the body's metabolism, melting fat deposits, and significantly helping the body transport and remove fat. Also it keeps blood sugar levels stable, and suppresses excessive appetite. This fat-burner formula will raise your temperature and heart rate, making you sweat more and burn more calories.
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Genius Nutrition® NOVO-X7 60 CAPS Test Booster

NOVO  X7 - FEEL THE RESULTS IN YOUR MUSCLES AND GROINS Being fatigued and going to the gym without much progress and then recover for days can be frustrating. Also, being low on testosterone can be very frustrating. Wait! Is there a link here? Testosterone is one of the critical hormones that are responsible for many functions in your body. It helps build muscle mass, increases strength and endurance, shortens recovery time after training, and accelerates muscle regeneration. The most important thing about testosterone is that it gives you the masculine characteristics you need to feel good about yourself. STAY STRONG, CONFIDENT, AND MANLY EVERY DAY Testosterone is a must-hormone for progress in any sport. Its most important features are; a desire, more muscle, and quick recovery from exercise. But there's more. We're not talking about strange new medicines cooked in a lab. The breakthrough here is that Genius Nutrition® has combined 10 herbs and minerals so you can rediscover the love towards the gym. The outcome? More muscle mass and less fatigue.
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Whey-XT is premium blend from Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) and Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) with super fast absorption and high and bcaa and amino-acids, this high quality protein supplement is perfect fuel before and after workout in order to build quality muscle and reduce recovery time. Whey-XT contains very little fat, carbohydrates or lactose and can be used as a daily supplement for those who want to increase protein in their diet, to build muscle or even lose fat and maintain the muscle mass.   WHY GENIUS NUTRUTION® Whey-XT ✔ 100% Whey Protein Blend ✔ Superior european natural flavors and taste ✔ 24 grams of premium milk protein isolate ✔ 5.4G BCAA per serving ✔ Supports lean muscle tissue, repair and protein intake ✔ Optimizes performance and post-workout recovery ✔ Mixes fast/ Digests Fast ✔ Fresh tasty flavours ✔ Made in European Union
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