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Mutant Amino 300 Tabs

Mutant Amino is a high-quality concentrated source of essential and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) for serious Mutant muscle repair and regeneration. Mutants know that amino acids are the building blocks of muscles and are essential to help create and maintain a positive nitrogen balance, which is critical for new muscle growth. Mutant Amino is made from a blend of high-quality hydrolyzed whey protein isolate, free form and branched-chain amino acids. Each serving provides over 2,000 mg of quality amino acids that will help you efficiently repair and re-build Mutant muscle.
  • Provides 2,000 mg of high quality amino acids per serving
  • Helps support lean muscle growth and faster recovery
  • Easy-to-swallow, smooth-coated caplets
  • Reduces Fatigue
  • Improves Recovery
  • Fastens Fat burning
  • Improves muscle growth
In the world of supplements, protein – whether from whey or another source – tends to hold steady as king of them all. But here’s something from high school biology you may have forgotten: Proteins are made of amino acids. And MUTANT knows it! Mutant Amino is a high-quality concentrated source of essential and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) for serious Mutant.


As a food supplement consume 1 serving (2 tablets) before meals and 1 serving again each before and after training. MUTANT AMINO tablets are large and can be difficult to swallow — consume with plenty of water.  
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Mutant GEAAR – Complete Essential Amino Acids 30 Servings

MUTANT GEAAR allows you to build muscle mass to its fullest capacity and promote recovery. It contains over 10 grams of active ingredients in one scoop: 100% vegan free form amino acids fermented to optimize product solubility; arginine, an amino acid needed during periods of overtraining or prolonged dieting because it increases nitric oxide; 7g of BCAAs and 4g of Leucine; and natural electrolytes to maximize performance. Get the most complete EAA supplement in the industry!
  • Supports Muscle Growth & Recovery
  • Leucine Loaded
  • 4 g Clinical Dose – Highest Dose of Any EAA
  • Metabolized into HICA & HMB for Anticatabolic Effects‡
  • Activates mTOR = Increase Protein Synthesis‡
  • 9.4 g EAAs + Arginine
  • Increases Requirement During Overtraining & Dieting‡
  • Increases Insulin, Nitric Oxide & Nutrient Delivery‡
  • 7 g BCAAs (8:3:3) – Highest Dose of Any EAA
  • Fermented/Vegan Aminos (Micronized & Instantized)
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Mutant Glutamine 60 Servings

  • Advanced glutamine formula
  • 100% pure, zero fillers
  • Vegan fermented
  • 5 grams of free form L-glutamine
  • Micronized for higher solubility
  • Lab tested ingredients
  • 60 servings
  • Unflavored formula for stacking
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Mutant ISO SURGE Whey Protein 5LBS

  • Pure whey protein isolate
  • 100% gourmet taste
  • 25g protein
  • Low carb and low fat
  • No amino spiking
  • No hidden ingredients
  • Lab tested
  • Digestive enzyme boosted
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Mutant MADNESS Pre-Workout 30 Servings

  • Concentrated pre-workout fuel
  • Maximum strength
  • Insane energy*
  • Explosive power*
  • Increase mental focus*
  • Support nitric oxide production*
  • Addictive taste!

Unleash the MADNESS

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Mutant Mass Gainer 5Lbs


Mutant Mass has arrived in the Mix! Mutant Mass-Gainer is ideal for anyone who struggles to get sufficient calories in throughout the day or enough to hit your diet-plan and programmed goals. Whether your body/metabolism races through calories, you don't have time, or you just need a little, no-missing 'Mutant' push in the right direction, Mutant Mass will aid serious lean muscle gain through a premium calorie heavy formula focusing on high quality protein sources (10 of them, in fact!) and diverse carbohydrate sources.

We opted for Mutant for their awesome reviews, flavor profiles and because there's a reason Mutant Mass is the number one best-selling mass gainer in the WORLD! Comprised of several top notch complete protein sources, with 56g of protein per (admittedly giant) serving. Mutant have also added digestive enzymes to ensure optimal nutrient uptake so you're getting every ounce of goodness from your mass-gainer. Not only does Mutant aim to deliver the best formula, they aim to use as many actual real-food ingredients as possible, from avocado through to sweet potatoes and oats! With 1100kcals per serving, if this stuff isn't calorie dense enough for you? We don't know what is! Easy to digest thanks to the added enzymes, with one serving being 4 scoops, Mutant aren't messing here, folks! Used by athletes and gym-goers alike, enjoy a Mutant shake with no heavy aftertaste and no sluggish feelings after each shake all whilst reaping the rewards from first serving till last. Why Mutant Mass Gainer Whey Protein Powder?!
  • 56g protein per serving
  • Renowned MUTANT Quality
  • Highest Calorie
  • Diverse protein and real-food carbohydrate sources
  • Mixes well and tastes great!
How to use: Use between 360ml and 600ml of water depending on desired taste and texture (your call!). Add one serving of Mutant Mass, shake or blend for 15 seconds and enjoy!  
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Mutant Test 90 Caps

NATURAL TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER. Made with various herbs, such as fenugreek, maca, and black pepper extract, MUTANT TEST is a natural testosterone booster to get you healthy and fast results! MUTANT TEST is made with a unique formula featuring targeted ingredients that help raise testosterone levels, fast - making it the quickest way to support your muscle gains.This proprietary, patent-pending, bioactive compound in MUTANT TEST works to raise and protect your testosterone levels, which can lead to improved muscle size and strength while on a proper diet and training plan.
  • Contains Testosurge® which is clinically proven to increase total & bioavailable testosterone *
  • Helps protect free testosterone & inhibit estrogen *
  • Helps improve physical performance *
  • Supports muscle protein synthesis *
  • Supports healthy sex drive *
  • Supports healthy glucose levels *
  • Helps maintain immune function *
DIRECTIONS FOR USE Take 1- 2 servings per day, every morning upon waking on an empty stomach with 250 ml (~8fl oz) of water.
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Mutant Whey WHEY 5 LBS

  • MUTANT's #1 selling protein
  • Now even better tasting & better mixing!
  • 22 g of 100% whey protein
  • 10.4 g EAAs & 5 g BCAAs (naturally present)
  • Whole intact protein – no amino spiking (true protein tested)
  • Added digestive enzymes to optimize absorption
  • No aspartame
  • Informed-Choice certified*
  • IOC/WADA compliant*
  • Real protein to help build real muscle
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