Every person has a varied response to pre-workouts. It’s important to choose a pre-workout that delivers results. Some people like an aggressive pre-workout, while others prefer to maintain calm and focus during training.

By combining everyone’s opinions, we were able to create the ideal Top 5 aggressive Pre-Workouts On GainsX list. This list will be updated on a regular basis. Avoid missing out.

Killer Labz Executioner Advance Pre-Workout

Killer Labz are not hiding their aggressive intentions with this one, it is literally titled ‘Executioner’. 400mg of caffeine anhydrous is included to provide that shift into the killer mode, and 2500mg of beta-alanine to make sure you stay there for a while without getting tired. Lock your focus in on your targets, and chase with this insane pre-workout.

Killer Labz STIM REAPER BLACK Preworkout

EXTREME ENERGY & FOCUS PRE-WORKOUT: Extreme Energy & Focus, Long Lasting Euphoria, Increased Endurance & Stamina In The Gym, Greater Fatigue Resistance, Increased Cell Volumization & Muscle Fullness and Pumps, Increased Blood Flow, Boost Nitric Oxide.

Rich Piana 5% Nutrition 5150 High Stimulant PRE-WORKOUT

The NEW! 5150 Legendary Series delivers a supercharged punch with over 400mg of Caffeine per serving, plus the revolutionary energy and nootropic Cocoabuterol®

If you’re a true master of the craft and lifting is your life then you already know 5% Nutrition is the only LIFESTYLE to GROW by. The very name of this product should be warning enough that you’re heading into deeper waters.

Musclemeds NITROTEST 2-In-1 Pre-Workout + Test Booster


If you’re a hardcore athlete, NITROTEST is everything you want and more from a pre-workout formula! Specially formulated for advanced male athletes looking to push their bodies to their maximum potential, NITROTEST contains potent efficacious doses of powerful ingredients designed to optimize testosterone, nitric oxide, energy and euphoria for the ultimate workout.

ALLMAX Nutrition IMPACT Igniter Pre-Workout


Impact Igniter is a fully dosed and highly effective bodybuilding pre workout that’ll give you exactly what you want – results! Even better, these are results that improve the more you use it! Loaded with research directed dosages that work synergistically to produce superior results. Impact Igniter is the best pre workout supplement for bodybuilding and is a suitable pre workout for women and men.

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